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I hate it when you assume that you know what I think.


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Shot Through the Heart…

…but I was assured the instructor will make a full recovery.

I have wanted to try archery for some time now so I asked my teenage cousins, because kids in general are good with weapons, and they both willing went with me for the experience. The three of us arrived ready to shoot stuff but I was super nervous. The place was sort of…retro. By that I mean the Pepsi machine was probably one of the first vending machines ever created. There weren’t a lot of people there but there were enough to know that we were definitely out of place. We waited for about fifteen minutes, and I was agonizing about it the whole time. Maybe we should go. Luckily, my cousins aren’t as wishy-washy as I am so we waited until the next instructor was free.

He was very nice, patient, and explained everything as thoroughly as possible. He went over the equipment, how to stand, how to hold the arrow, when to shoot, what not to shoot, and then stepped back and hoped for the best.

The three of us stood in position, loaded our arrows, aimed our weapons and then let it go. I was shocked that I didn’t somehow shoot myself in the face. The arrow went forward and ended up hitting the wall. I have to say I was impressed with myself. It wasn’t on the target but it wasn’t stuck in myself or anyone else in the place. Which is good because if the bandaids were as old as the pepsi machine I wouldn’t have taken it.

After the first shot, you have to adjust the eye thingie. I am pretty sure that is the technical term. I guess the first shot was to see how everything lined up and the eye piece can then help you aim towards the target. There was also another man there that was not with the company but was an “archery champion” and he stepped in and gave us a few pointers as well.

Though I don’t believe there will be any championships in my future it was definitely an experience that I am glad I went through with even though I started to doubt myself. Once everyone cleared out and it was just the three of us shooting, we had a blast. After an hour my arm started to get really tired and I had a hard time holding up the bow so I knew it was time to call it quits.

All in all it was a great day and we got to take home our targets.

Ps. No one was actually hurt during the making of this blog post.

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In Loving Memory…

My beloved friend and Executive Director of Excitement and New Experiences passed away in January of 2010. In the few short years that I knew Hermie, I watched him enrich the lives of those around him. Though life without Hermie is getting easier. I do miss his witty banter and exceptional organizational skills.

Upon hearing the news of his passing, Auntie Christine shared her sentiments…“if I may quote Ashton Kutcher, see you on the other side kid.”

Hermie was an extraordinary crab and is missed by all of his friends and family.

Please feel free to leave any comments or well wishes below.

In loving memory of Hermit the Crab…

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My Path

Last November I lost a piece of myself. It caused me to stop writing, which has had a huge impact on my life. We are approaching one year later and I want to pick up where I left off. In the past, I have participated in NaNoWriMo and plan to participate again this year.

My goal for the future is to get back on track. I am using this year’s NaNoWriMo to help me do this. I succeeded last year by writing 50,000 words and I am hopeful I will be successful again this year. My plan is to come back. Back to my art and writing, back to excitement and new experiences, back to myself and The Path I Chose.

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Hermit the Crab Promoted


New York, NY – October 7, 2009 I am proud to announce that my writing mascot, Hermit the Crab, has been promoted to Director of Excitement and New Experiences. Hermit has been working diligently these past few weeks and has been cooking up some fabulous-ness in the Cave of Wonders. He has expanded the social development department and created a dynamic team that is all his own. This hard work and dedication is what we should all strive for in our own lives.

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Photo Hunt: Words

theme: words

theme: words

I am so excited because this is the first time I am participating in the photohunt. Since I started watching this blog, almost a year ago, I wanted to participate. Of course, since procrastination is my specialty, it took until today to actually post my first photo.

This particular photo is part of a series I that took for a book arts project in school. However, it couldn’t be more truthful to how I have felt these past few weeks. So I thought it was only fitting to use it as my first post.


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100 Things That Make Me Happy (Besides Money)

I came across a writing challenge that asked me to identify 100 Things That Make Me Happy (Besides Money) and they are in no particular order…

  1. Donnie Wahlberg
  2. Mark Wahlberg
  3. Air conditioning
  4. My friends
  5. My family
  6. Photography
  7. Ice cream
  8. Listening to music
  9. Traveling
  10. Trying new things
  11. Stand-up comedy
  12. Apple Computers
  13. Drawing
  14. Coloring
  15. My dog, Calli
  16. Willie
  17. New books
  18. Fall leaves
  19. Fresh fallen snow
  20. Kim – for inspiring me and pushing me to do what is best for me
  21. Finishing crossword puzzles
  22. Swinging on a swing set
  23. People watching
  24. People laughing at my jokes
  25. Donnie’s reaction to the Celtics
  26. Being in the moment
  27. My mom’s PB&J sandwiches
  28. My dad’s “dippy” eggs
  29. CSI:Las Vegas
  30. CSI:Miami
  31. Inspiration
  32. Being proud of something I accomplished
  33. Seeing babies smile
  34. Watching kids play
  35. Shakira
  36. Dancing
  37. Hearing my dad sing or laugh
  38. Making my mom proud
  39. Meaning something to my sister
  40. Hearing my favorite song on the radio
  41. Hugs
  42. Working out
  43. Writing
  44. Fart scenes in movies
  45. Watching my favorite movie over and over again
  46. Stupid jokes
  47. Chewy chocolate chip cookies
  48. Jean day
  49. French Vanilla Iced Coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts
  50. Puppies
  51. New Kids on the Block
  52. Dressing up for Halloween
  53. Roller coasters
  54. Laughing
  55. Thunderstorms
  56. Going on cruises
  57. Taking naps
  58. Blowing bubbles
  59. Making lists
  60. Grandpa Sullivan
  61. Fireman
  62. Magnolia trees
  63. My new car
  64. The Empire State Building
  65. Fireworks
  66. Going to the beach for the day
  67. Funny commercials
  68. Chocolate
  69. Proving someone wrong
  70. Popcorn
  71. Going to eat at restaurants
  72. Getting checks in the mail
  73. Roses
  74. Success
  75. Feeling like I belong
  76. Being independent
  77. Spell check
  78. Going to museums
  79. Sleeping in
  80. Trying something outside my comfort zone
  81. Playing on MySpace and Facebook
  82. Shopping for art supplies
  83. Scrapbooking
  84. Checking something off my list
  85. Confidence
  86. Winning
  87. My new camera
  88. Making it work
  89. Seeing someone I have not seen in a long time
  90. Shoe shopping
  91. Sidewalk cafe’s
  92. Playing pranks on my mom
  93. Memories
  94. New York City
  95. Learning to do something I thought was completely impossible
  96. Command Z – the “undo” button
  97. Watching football with my dad
  98. Singing in the car
  99. 2nd Chances
  100. Finally understanding it is okay to be wrong – sometimes


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