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In Loving Memory…

My beloved friend and Executive Director of Excitement and New Experiences passed away in January of 2010. In the few short years that I knew Hermie, I watched him enrich the lives of those around him. Though life without Hermie is getting easier. I do miss his witty banter and exceptional organizational skills.

Upon hearing the news of his passing, Auntie Christine shared her sentiments…“if I may quote Ashton Kutcher, see you on the other side kid.”

Hermie was an extraordinary crab and is missed by all of his friends and family.

Please feel free to leave any comments or well wishes below.

In loving memory of Hermit the Crab…


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Hermit the Crab Promoted


New York, NY – October 7, 2009 I am proud to announce that my writing mascot, Hermit the Crab, has been promoted to Director of Excitement and New Experiences. Hermit has been working diligently these past few weeks and has been cooking up some fabulous-ness in the Cave of Wonders. He has expanded the social development department and created a dynamic team that is all his own. This hard work and dedication is what we should all strive for in our own lives.

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Hermit The Crab

In the Cave of Wonders

In the Cave of Wonders

I would like to introduce you to my writing mascot, Hermit the Crab!

Hermit was hand picked from a tank of crabs in the New Hampshire area about 6 months ago. He stands about one inch tall but don’t let his tiny frame fool you. When he stretches out, it is clear who is king of the plastic castle.

He briefly resided in Massachusetts where he taught first grade. His favorite lesson, of course, was reading A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle. Unfortunately, due to shellfish allergies, Hermie was forced into an early retirement. He decided that a creative life was more suitable anyway and relocated to New York with the temp-to-perm assignment of inspiring me on my journey to become a writer. So far, so good!

His methods of generating ideas are similar to mine. He needs some alone time to think; generally this is when he retreats to his shell-shaped office where he keeps his ideas until they are ready to be shared. Occasionally, he grabs a bite to eat while he ponders some story lines. It can get dangerous; he tends to fall asleep in his food dish when he is overwhelmed. To relieve tension we put on music and dance. Hermie is a huge New Kids on the Block fan, always comes out to dance to his favorite song, Close to You.

Right now, Hermie is pulling an all-nighter. That can only mean there are great things to come! I will keep you posted.

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