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Shot Through the Heart…

…but I was assured the instructor will make a full recovery.

I have wanted to try archery for some time now so I asked my teenage cousins, because kids in general are good with weapons, and they both willing went with me for the experience. The three of us arrived ready to shoot stuff but I was super nervous. The place was sort of…retro. By that I mean the Pepsi machine was probably one of the first vending machines ever created. There weren’t a lot of people there but there were enough to know that we were definitely out of place. We waited for about fifteen minutes, and I was agonizing about it the whole time. Maybe we should go. Luckily, my cousins aren’t as wishy-washy as I am so we waited until the next instructor was free.

He was very nice, patient, and explained everything as thoroughly as possible. He went over the equipment, how to stand, how to hold the arrow, when to shoot, what not to shoot, and then stepped back and hoped for the best.

The three of us stood in position, loaded our arrows, aimed our weapons and then let it go. I was shocked that I didn’t somehow shoot myself in the face. The arrow went forward and ended up hitting the wall. I have to say I was impressed with myself. It wasn’t on the target but it wasn’t stuck in myself or anyone else in the place. Which is good because if the bandaids were as old as the pepsi machine I wouldn’t have taken it.

After the first shot, you have to adjust the eye thingie. I am pretty sure that is the technical term. I guess the first shot was to see how everything lined up and the eye piece can then help you aim towards the target. There was also another man there that was not with the company but was an “archery champion” and he stepped in and gave us a few pointers as well.

Though I don’t believe there will be any championships in my future it was definitely an experience that I am glad I went through with even though I started to doubt myself. Once everyone cleared out and it was just the three of us shooting, we had a blast. After an hour my arm started to get really tired and I had a hard time holding up the bow so I knew it was time to call it quits.

All in all it was a great day and we got to take home our targets.

Ps. No one was actually hurt during the making of this blog post.


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