101 Things About Me

  1. I hate seeing my name misspelled especially if you know me well.

  2. My middle name is my grandma’s first name, my fathers’ mother.

  3. My initials are the first three letters of my first name.

  4. I am the oldest child in my family.

  5. I was born in Connecticut but grew up in Massachusetts.

  6. I have brown hair and blue eyes.

  7. I have one younger sister.

  8. I know the magic password.

  9. I am an Aries, my birthday is in March.

  10. I don’t like my birthday.

  11. I am right-handed.

  12. I am Catholic but I don’t go to church.

  13. I am Irish, French, and Italian.

  14. I love amusement parks. On Monday’s I used to go to Canobie Lake Park with my dad. We would get lunch and spend the day at the park.

  15. I had the chicken pox for my 5th birthday.

  16. I learned to tie my shoes while lying on my back with my feet in the air. I was wearing blue Smurf sneakers.

  17. In the first grade I had to take a make-up test because I was out sick. I was terrified because I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup and thought I would fail.

  18. I had braces as a teenager.

  19. I am handicapped by anxiety and shyness.

  20. I am always told to speak up when around others, in class or while ordering at restaurants, etc.

  21. People often tell me that I look like Jo from the Facts of Life.

  22. I am loyal.

  23. I am allergic to stuffed animals, certain jewelry, & bubble bath.

  24. I have always wanted older brothers.

  25. I quit Girl Scouts after I got my cookies.

  26. I received 2 presidential academic fitness awards in elementary school and I thought they were for gym. I hated gym.

  27. The first time I skipped school was my senior year in high school with a friend and it was the day they read the verdict in the O.J. trial.

  28. I had the privilege of knowing my great-grandparents.

  29. I learned to drive using my great-grandfathers car.

  30. I graduated High School in 1997.

  31. I earned my Associate’s Degree in Business Administration.

  32. I feel bad for being angry with one of my friend for not showing up to my graduation party; she died the night before and I didn’t know.

  33. I moved to New York by myself – and made it work.

  34. I put myself through college at St. John’s University.

  35. I worked full-time while attending school full-time for 4 years.

  36. I made a chair using only cardboard and Elmer’s glue, and you really can sit on it.

  37. I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design.

  38. I want to be a graphic designer, writer, and an artist.

  39. My favorite flowers are roses but I also like lilies.

  40. I have a fear of getting my hopes up and being let down.

  41. My Favorite movies as a kid were Annie & Grease. My mom knows exactly how long Annie is because I would be quiet for the entire movie and I idolize Olivia Newton-John.

  42. I am addicted to MySpace and Facebook.

  43. My favorite stores are book stores and art supply stores.

  44. I like turtles and had one as a pet.

  45. I hate house cats.

  46. I cry a lot.

  47. I love to see talking animals on TV or in the movies.

  48. I hate music without words.

  49. I hate the smell of lilacs.

  50. I was in my first dance recital at 22. I performed in the opening act as well as with my class for tap, jazz, and hip-hop. I am not a very good dancer but I enjoy trying.

  51. I am not sure how people functioned before the internet even though I know that I did.

  52. I love the beach but hate it when sand gets in my clothes and shoes.

  53. I do not deal well with change.

  54. I hate it when people smoke especially if they are inconsiderate of the people around them.

  55. My favorite sports are football and basketball: New England Patriots & Boston Celtics are my favorite teams.

  56. My first encounter with professional sports was when a family friend made me watch a Celtics game with her. She told me that number 32, Kevin McHale, was her favorite because that was her bra size. I wasn’t allowed to stay up and watch the game because my bed time was 8pm.

  57. I like thunder and lightning storms.

  58. I had to pick someone out of a line-up.

  59. Deafness and poor eye sight runs in my family and I am terrified both will happen to me.

  60. I love New York City.

  61. I like to scrapbook.

  62. The first thing I ever stole was a paint brush from Kmart. It was one of the paint brushes that came in a package and it was in the party favor aisle. It was out of a package and left on the shelf, by someone else, and because of that I did not believe it was stealing. I actually thought I was helping Kmart because I knew they couldn’t sell it anymore. Mom was not really happy with me.

  63. I hate talking on the phone.

  64. I still love the New Kids on the Block.

  65. I have been a Wahlberg fan for more than 20 years.

  66. I love the color pink and anything that sparkles.

  67. I will only wear my glasses when I am driving, even though I really need them for anything with distance.

  68. When I was little, I had a Speak and Spell. My mother took it away from me because I wouldn’t spell anything I just kept hitting the button that said, “a-ostraphy.”

  69. My mother used to offer me money to be quiet for just a few minutes and I could never do it. Now she offers me money just to talk for a few minutes.

  70. When I was little, I used to think it was cool to have asthma because all of my friends had inhalers and I wanted one. Now I have asthma and know that it is not cool at all.

  71. Ever since elementary school, I make my “greeting” cards so they open backwards.

  72. I love firemen.

  73. I am pro-choice but I think the choice should be life.

  74. I am a people-pleaser and I don’t like to argue.

  75. I have secrets.

  76. I have a pen-pal and we have been friends for more than 17 years.

  77. I had my wisdom teeth removed in high school. Due to insurance, I had to have them removed in two sessions and both times they got infected and took a long time to heal.

  78. I don’t like it when people are deceitful.

  79. I have a passport but currently have no stamps in it.

  80. My favorite board games are Scattegories and Mall Madness. I used to love when the machine said the “chichin” store but sadly that is not in the new edition of the game.

  81. I used to think that adults couldn’t get emotionally hurt so I always pretended to be more mature than I was. I wish someone would have told me I was wrong.

  82. I enjoy doing crossword puzzles just like my dad.

  83. I love stand-up comedy.

  84. Science makes me anxious so I cannot study it.

  85. I collect quotes and have since high school.

  86. I hate April Fool’s Day.

  87. I worry about being alone.

  88. I don’t like being hot.

  89. I don’t like to drive. I waited as long as I could before going to get my license.

  90. Both apple Juice and green beans make me gag.

  91. I don’t like it when people get off an escalator and then stop, it is a moving staircase and people behind you need to get somewhere too, pull over to the side to check the map, get your keys, etc.

  92. I have a $2 bill.

  93. I got my first detention for taking a muffin out of the cafeteria at breakfast. No food was allowed out of the cafeteria but I was going to be late for class and I had not eaten breakfast yet.

  94. I didn’t have to serve the detention because I signed up for it on the Friday before a vacation and the school cancelled it that day.

  95. I almost drowned in a melting glacier in Montana at a national park.

  96. I like to fish but I don’t like to catch anything.

  97. I like it when toilet paper rolls off the top and I get aggravated when it comes from underneath.

  98. I have seen every episode of CSI: Las Vegas and CSI: Miami and can tell you who did it before the theme songs play.

  99. I am a professional procrastinator.

  100. On 9/11 I almost called in sick to work and went into the city for the day. A co-worker of mine saw me outside so I angrily went to work instead and then I heard.

  101. I believe all things happen for a reason and Karma is a bitch.


2 responses to “About

  1. Chrissy

    I remember we got caught and our logic was if OJ got off maybe we would too!!! I loved reading this but it made me miss u even more!

  2. maureen

    i loved checking out your website! it was great!

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