PhotoHunt: Music

The Concert, originally uploaded by Jenni_Beth.
This is photo of an etching I made titled “The Concert.”
Please check out others at the home of the Photo Hunt.


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6 responses to “PhotoHunt: Music

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the artwork you posted for the music theme. I’ve never tried etching, but I might have to go buy some of that scratch-board and give it a shot. I’m trying to spread my artistic wings. 🙂

  2. Nice etching. Good name for it too.

  3. Very creative a photo of an etching. Of course if I could do etchings, especially that well, I’d photograph them to. Good job on the theme. I love all the very different approaches is what makes it so interesting to me.

  4. Etching — so very beautiful! I love how clear and “simple” the shapes appear, even as they are complex in line and expression. Do you etch and use it for printmaking, too?

  5. kim

    WOW! You have great artistic talent! Great photo!

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