Photo Hunt: Words

theme: words

theme: words

I am so excited because this is the first time I am participating in the photohunt. Since I started watching this blog, almost a year ago, I wanted to participate. Of course, since procrastination is my specialty, it took until today to actually post my first photo.

This particular photo is part of a series I that took for a book arts project in school. However, it couldn’t be more truthful to how I have felt these past few weeks. So I thought it was only fitting to use it as my first post.



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5 responses to “Photo Hunt: Words

  1. Welcome. I have felt that way many a time! LOL.

  2. Good one..glad you are playing
    Mine’s up, too..

  3. It’s a good start to your PhotoHunt career. I’m looking forward to more from you.

    Come by for my entry.

  4. Very colourful!

    I played too 🙂

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