The List

The ListI started a list. I love lists.

My concern was that I was not a complete person. Once I graduated college for the second time, I noticed that I lacked direction to move forward purposefully. So I chose a number: 1001. This is the number of experiences I want to complete in my lifetime. (1000 experiences + journal about each one = 1001).

Warning! I needed motivation to get started so I added things that have already been accomplished, such as; being born, getting braces, etc. Truth is they are still part of my journey and I felt that they should be included.

Once that was complete, I added entries that could be accomplished and checked off right away, i.e., reading a whole book in one day, as well as, items that would take several attempts before they could officially be declared done, i.e. learning how to cook.

Recently, I separated the list into categories: Create, Learn, Read, Relationships, Writing, Growing Up, & Travel. Under each category, I added everything from learning to change a tire to actually using my passport.

Currently the list is at 523 entries so there are plenty of spots to be filled. When the list is complete this will serve as 1001: The Journal of The Path I Chose.


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